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Safely Returned from My Trip to North Korea

North Korea Tourist

I’m back in China again after almost 1 month in hands down the most surreal place I’ve ever encountered worldwide!

I have over 6,500 images between my camera and phone along with a huge journal I wrote whilst there which I’m going to release for you all but in the mean time feel free to ask anything at all about North Korea and I’ll do my best to answer it.

I’m safe, happy and still reeling over the incredible experiences I had in the hermit Kingdom!!

Postcard from DPRK

Greetings from D.P.R.K

Another month in China then it’s onto Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and to the Middle East!

The best part was the giant FIFA logo next to the photos of Kim Jong Ill and Kim il sung that look down on the stadium!

4 thoughts on “Safely Returned from My Trip to North Korea

  1. Daakkon

    How much did your whole trip cost? Flights, hotels, travel guides, etc.. how much spending cash would you recommend to bring? What’s the minimum amount of time you should spend there to get a sense of the country? Are you going to do any vlogs or documentary videos about your trip? Did you buy any merchandise while there?

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