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Exploring Bejing During The National Holiday

Xining Shi, Qinghai, China.

CHINA – I’ve had an absolutely wild past few weeks since returning to China from North Korea – exploring Beijing pre and during the national holiday (October 1-8th here in China) with more people than I’ve ever seen moving around in one place anywhere in the world!!

We visited the forbidden city and Tiananmen Square during holiday time so it was filled with tens of thousands including some North Koreans we met who were on holiday from Pyongyang!

Checked out the fascinating and very “Berlin’esque” 798 art district of Beijing and ate myself stupid for a few days along with a ton of other great tourist sites.

Then went to see the terracotta warriors in Xi’an and it’s interesting Muslim quarter and city walls (along with the picturesque drum and bell tower) and then made final plans to follow part (on and off) the Silk Road to the end here in China and explore the fascinating and least visited provinces of China such as Qinghai, Gansu, then head deep into Xinjiang province (which is an absolutely whopping province, the largest in China and 5 times the size of Germany) and slowly move through many cities make my way out to Urumqi and then all the way out to the boarder of Pakistan/Kyrgyzstan/India/Tajikistan and Kazakhstan (very close to Russia and Mongolia) to the far flung and tumultuous city of Kashgar before flying all the way back to Shanghai!!

It’s going to be an incredible few weeks ahead and I’m already in love with this whopping country China!

A lot more info on this trip along with backlogs of my fascinating 3.5week trip solely spent in North Korea to come when my internet is no longer being censored and I’m in Taiwan on October 23rd!!

Lots of love to you all around the world!

Wish me luck in the furthest reaches of China! Just touched down in Xining tonight and tomorrow heading out to the small Tibetan village of Tongren (Repkong in Tibetan).

Sorry to anyone I haven’t been in touch with for some time on Facebook, email and Skype but the connections here in China are few and far between and going to get less and less the closer we get to KASHGAR!

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