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Traveling North Korea for 25 Days

North Korea Travel

I can’t believe it’s actually happening,

I’m currently packing my bags and preparing myself for possibly the strangest adventure I’ve ever embarked upon over the course of my travels worldwide!

As of tomorrow morning I’ll be flying from Beijing (in the midst of the biggest military parade China has had in the last decade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan and the end of WW2) then arrive in Pyongyang (then travelling extensively around the country for close to a month) for the longest time possible for a foreigner to travel the nation, tours of this length and depth only happen once every 1-2 years and we will be visiting parts of the country that have only opened to tourism less than 1 month ago so they haven’t seen foreigners since the Korean War.

Can’t wait!!

It’s going to be a very surreal month! We will be there for North Korean Independence Day which sits on September 9th, huge holiday and massive military parade.

I’ll spend several nights doing home stays in North Korean village homes along the way as well! No internet, phone or email for the next 25 days so expect a late reply to anything sent!

Lots of love to you all! Hello DPRK (North Korea)!!

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