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EGYPT – Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx!

Shortly before this we clambered inside the claustrophobic tombs in Great Pyramid of Giza, hustled some local hustlers then I fell head over heels on my ass in front of a horde of locals – we had the pyramids of Giza all to ourselves today (around 50 tourists spotted – total) – a stark comparison to my last visit to Egypt 17 years ago when you had to climb over other tours to get a peek at the pyramids.

Egypt Giza

Still reeling from an incredible 15 days in SOMALILAND (93) and even more so the magnificent and surreal nation of ERITREA (94) – just wrapped up a wonderful 20 hour stopover in Cairo and Giza which I hadn’t seen since I was 12!

Next up a stopover in ETHIOPIA (95) en route to RWADNA (96) then going trekking with wild habituated mountain gorillas in UGANDA (97) followed up by a brief visit to either DR CONGO or KENYA!

Life is amazing.

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