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Belfast an Incredible Transformation

BELFAST (NORTHERN IRELAND – 101) – Incredibly powerful Loyalist/Unionist and Republican/Nationalist Murals of Belfast – – a snapshot.


Peace lines between the Protestants and the Catholics.

Walls resembling those I saw between Israel and Palestine which I saw personally when I volunteered in Palestine back in 2013- the ones we saw today are 3.5 miles (5.5 kms) in length and 11 meters tall!

There’s 47 peace line walls in Belfast – we stopped at the largest one of them all. 
Some examples of the other walls are – one wall goes through a park with two sets of playgrounds on either side. Another wall goes through a graveyard and goes 6 meters under ground! 

Belfast Mural

94% of Belfast education system is non integrated meaning there are only 6% integrated schools!

It could be argued that 20 years ago Belfast was one of the most dangerous places on earth – now totally fine – an incredible transformation.

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