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Defending a Friend from Fascists in Portugal

PORTUGAL 107 – this is what happens when you defend a friend against a racially motivated attack by some scumbag fascists!

107 Portugal

Currently have my phone in a repair shop and sadly tomorrow afternoon I will be leaving behind my beloved Lisbon!

A 2 day visit turned into a 14 day incredible adventure in this city and a love for Portugal that has inspired me to return next year for even longer! Tomorrow I will head for northern Spain do see my old friend Eloy Noesmañana and picking up the wonderful travel buddy of many years Nailya O. Esmakhanova

On the 27th I’ll be returning to Madrid to return my rental car from this insane 6 week adventure in SPAIN (105), PORTUGAL (107) and GIBRALTAR (106). An adventure I’ll never forget!!
TOUCHDOWN in Berlin September 27 and I’ll be around Germany and Lichtenstein (for a day or two) until October 27! 

Lots of love to all around the world! 

My whatsapp no longer works on backup phone so contactable only by Email, Facebook and text messages to my British number.

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