Journey Everywhere


Hello BELARUS for the next month (staying with local friends and couchsurfing) then onto UKRAINE for 2 weeks!

I’ve been in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia (previously all of Central Asia) for the past few months and on my way to Belarus for all of July.

No diplomatic missions/consulates for Australia in any of those nations and the closest embassies are Moscow and Istanbul.

On our way to the airport to fly to Belarus.

Ace of Base Cher Belarus

Pumping ACE OF BASE and CHER on a 4 hour bus through the middle of the night packed with heinously drunk Georgians and Belarusians singing along heading for the airport to fly to Belarus at 5am! This is living hahaha!

Belarus receives the least international visitors of any European nation, should be an incredible month ahead!

Georgia to Belarus

Crossing borders by air for the first time in a few months.

Time to brush up on my Russian and explore!


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