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What happens when a BELARUSIAN and an AUSTRALIAN meet over a meal and many drinks in Turkmenistan?

Belarus Drinks

In one of the least visited regions (Köýtendag Nature Reserve, formerly Kugitang Nature Reserve) of one of the least visited countries in the world then make a promise to reunite over litres of homemade Belarusian spirits half a year later in BREST (BELARUS)- you get an amazing tour of brest fortress from a wonderful local family (a truly moving place, the site of an incredibly significant battle during WW2 followed by a home cooked traditional Belarusian meal, meeting the lengthy extended family of wonderful people and enough home brewed spirits to supply the local community!

Staying with the beautiful family for the next 5 days hiking the forests of the region, planning to sleep in a traditional Banya in the middle of “Beloveszhskaya pusch” and exploring great brest oblast (state).

This is what travel is all about, not ticking off nations but interaction and learning from locals! Belarus – 86 nations absorbed.

Thank to Vitali, Oksana and their amazing son Roman for showing me the REAL Belarus!


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