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A Millionaire in Belarus Rubles

Today I leave behind my beloved GEORGIA for the next 6 weeks, 4 in BELARUS (86) and 2 in Ukraine (87)!

Just before leaving Georgia I’ve become a millionaire!

Belarus BLR Notes


Today in 2 hours BELARUS will re-denominate their currency and turn 10,000 BLR notes into 1 BLR notes, all banks, money changers, cash machines will be locked and closed for the next 24 hours to trade in these rubles worldwide.

We managed to find someone in Georgia, Tblisi who would do a change for us (all international banks are locked out) so I changed up a quick 50€ and got over a MILLION BELORUSSIAN RUBLES (1,160,000)!

I think I’ve become one of the last people on the world to get their hands on the hyper inflated currency before it makes the change!


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