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Armenia Road Trip: Karabakh

Nagorno Karabakh

NAGORNO-KARABAKH – the highly controversial town of AGDAM (essentially a ghost town with a post apocalyptic feel) at an abandoned mosque left to ruin.

The 85th nation (or breakaway region/state) I’ve lived, worked, volunteered, studied, explored or simply backpacked around!

Seen by Azerbaijan as belonging to them and seen by Armenia as theirs, a very complex history and the site of many a sad and bloody conflict on both sides. Home to absolutely outstanding nature and some of the most beautiful sites in the Caucus.


We drove around Karabakh for 5 days with a soviet era Lada Niva. Visited around 10 cities and managed to cover the north, south, east and west.

More info to come soon. If you don’t know anything about this place then please read up on the sad and fascinating history.

A brief introduction –

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