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Armenia Road Trip: Day 1 Geghard Monastery

Now off to explore the ancient monasteries and temples that litter the countryside of Armenia!! Tomorrow off to NAGORNO

Armenia Road Trip

We rented an ancient soviet era Lada Niva for the next 5 days, tearing around Yerevan.

Garni Temple – Geghard Monastery

What a day!!

Getting severely lost and ending up in ghost towns and stunning mountains along the Azerbaijan border – watching the sunset at the incredible red Novarank gorge and my favourite monastery to date!

Found out two very important things today:

1.) It’s possible to carve up half of Armenia in a very long day driving your own soviet era Lada Niva and see 3 incredible world class UNESCO sights in the process!

2.) Armenia has the most beautiful monasteries I’ve ever seen situated in even more impressive locations!

To add to this today I FINALLY perfected learning to drive a manual car (yes, at age 28 having driven for over a decade) in a soviet era Lada Niva high in the mountains on the Azerbaijan/Armenian border which is widely known to be lined with snipers.

To celebrate finally learning this long overdue skill we took a few full nudie snaps high in the spectacular mountains on the border, some snipers on both sides definitely got a surprise this afternoon – pics coming soon.

We stopped and watched the sunset at the spectacular Novarank monastery at the peak of Novarank gorge!

Hands down my favourite monastery in Armenia so far! A must on any itinerary!

Just arrived at a homestay in Tatev and heading up to the monastery tomorrow morning!

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