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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar



What an incredible feeling to have had the chance to truly experience 1/3 of the nations on glorious planet we inhabit! The people of Myanmar have already stolen my heart.

After years of yearning to visit this magnificent nation I have finally touched down in MYANMAR – following what has been a sensational trip backpacking throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos over the past few months, I’ve spent the last few days travelling bus, pickup and tuk tuk from Laos across the center of Thailand and overland (via the friendship bridge) through the central boarder into Myanmar!

Hpa-an Myanmar

Upon entering the country I had the chance to hang out with Nay Naing one of the downright coolest dudes I have had the pleasure of encountering on my journeys, who processed my entry into this stunning nation – by far the most hilarious entry into a country I have had!

After only 48 hours in this magnificent nation travelling through Kayin state from Myawaddy through stunning untouched mountains (in a beaten up old pick-up) with inquisitive locals bearing the most genuine smiles I have seen in a long time to Hpa-An and the intricate mountain and cave temples, lakes, seemingly endless emerald green rice paddies and traditional villages that are scattered around this region to swimming in natural springs with wonderful local families.

Myanmar Kayin State

This afternoon travelling down the Thanlwin River and entering Mon state, heading straight from Mawlamyine – I have a feeling this is going to be one of the jewels in the crown of my travels over the last 27 years. Looking forward to spending the next 28 days (full available tourist visa) here!!

Thank you Mynamar for the incredible welcome!

Below are a few shots from the last 2 days. Many more coming soon!

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