Journey Everywhere

Off we go! First stop – Batumi!

Batumi Didube Bus Station

Out of Tbilisi with John Frehill to Batumi – Borjomi – Chiatura and Vardzia (plus a few little cities and towns in between) for the next few days!

Crossing the centre of this stunning nation, haven’t passed through this region of Georgia for months!

First rain I’ve seen in a long long time.

Georgia Maps

Acharuli khachapuri!!

Acharuli khachapuri adjara region of georgia

This is a specialty of the Adjara region of Georgia, one of the most delicious baked items I’ve devoured on my travels! Filled with sulguni cheese, two eggs on top and oozing even more cheese from within.

Throw chunks of butter on top or eat as is, incredible! Georgia is a food lovers paradise!

Next up, theĀ Batumi botanical gardens.


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