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Stunning Sunsets Atop Uplistsikhe, The Oldest City in the Caucases

Uplistsikhe Georgia Sunset

Enjoying a stunning sunset atop the oldest city in the Caucasus, the cave city of Uplistsikhe is over 2,500 years old and was 80,000-sq-meters before it was destroyed by the Mongols!!

Brilliant last few days in the paradise of the caucuses – Georgia!!

The last few days we’ve been exploring Tbilisi- Mtskheta-Ananuri-Pasanauri-Gudauri-Kazbegi-Gori and Uplistsikhe!

Uplistsikhe Georgia Mountains

Swimming, hiking and enjoying the magnificent views of the mountains! Georgia is spectacular.
Most of all catching up with brilliant Georgian friends and John Frehill again! Georgia 87 nations and counting (this is one of my favourites).

GEORGIA- It’s been a wild week! Tomorrow off out of Tbilisi with John Frehill┬áto Batumi – Borjomi – Chiatura and Vardzia (plus a few little cities and towns in between) for the next few days!

Living in Georgia off and on for the past few months has been absolutely fascinating. Continuing to explore bit by bit!

87 nations and counting.

Positive vibes to you all around the globe!


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