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Have You Ever Heard of Caucasian Albania Before?

What is CAUCASIAN ALBANIA!? Have you ever heard of Caucasian Albania before?

I arranged an interview with church and museum director “Huseynova Ilhama qanira qizi” for a few hours to explore the site and ask her some questions about this fascinating relic from an ancient era in Azerbaijan history.

The Church of Kish (Azerbaijani: Kiş kilsəsi)

The church is 2000 years old however the site predates modern monotheistic religion with a pagan shrine from 3000BC below it! There was a pagan moon temple which the church was built on top of! The church is the oldest in the Caucuses! It predates anything in this region.

She gave me a personal tour (for free) and interview coming up on my website, she can be contacted at for anyone wanting to visit this region and learn more about the fascinating Caucasian Albania!

Church of Kish Caucasian Albania

It is has been theorised that the people who inhabited this region are the ancestors of VIKINGS! Caucasian Albania consisted of 26 tribes who were extremely tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.

The skeletons of the ancient Caucasian Albanians surround the church (excavated by a Norwegian/Azerbaijan government project in the early 2000s) of greatest interest is the skeleton of an ancient Caucasian Albanian woman who was 2meters and 20cms tall buried directly next to where this photo is taken and a man’s grave of 2 meters just behind us!!

Church of Kish Skeleton

Unfortunately very little information has been published about this area but check out the “Research and dating” section of the Wikipedia page:

The trip itself is beautiful in order to arrive at the fascinating Kish Caucasian Albania church high in the greater caucuses of north western Azerbaijan!

This is no ordinary church, it’s a relic dating back from an era where a mysterious nation of Christians dominated northern Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan is now a resoundingly Islamic nation), little is know about this surreal nation that disappeared but it’s believed these people are the ancestors of Vikings and modern day Scandinavians!

The excavations began 15 years ago between a Norwegian and Azeri government, the archaeologists worked together and discovered the genetic links between the Vikings and the Azeris!

Church of Kish Thor Heyerdahl

Scandinavian mythology describes a God called ODIN that came to Northern Europe from a place called Azer. I have studied these writings and concluded that it is not mythology, it is real history and geography. -Thor Heyerdahl

This Site is a mixture of pagan, Christian, and Islamic history all in one place! Fascinating! This is now used as a holy Muslim site (as well as attracting Christian pilgrims), it brings good luck to walk around the church three times to pray for fertility, good luck for children and also people make a wish and then stick coins to the wall and if the coin remains for more than a few seconds the wish comes true.

This is an absolutely fascinating and curious history that needs to be investigated so much more!

8,000 people currently reside in the village of Kiş which has a stunning location, 4 school, surrounded by the looming hills and snow capped peaks of the greater Caucasus.

I cannot highly recommend enough a visit to this village for anyone wanting to visit the caucus and learn more about Caucasian Albania!!!

I’m blown away by what I’ve learnt today! Another incredible day exploring the world we live in!

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