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Couchsurfing in GANJA, Azerbaijan!

The 2nd largest city (and former capital) of Azerbaijan is great!

Thanks to you all for the amazing welcome to GANJA!!

Arrived in the city and hiked around town for 6kms through the backstreets and bazaars, lovely parks and squares (along with many historic churches and a beautiful river) before meeting my awesome couchsurfing hosts and amazing people!

Swept into a birthday party and concert of traditional Azeri music, taken on a tour of beautiful Ganja (Shah Abbas mosque, the Ancient bathhouses, the whooping city hall and picturesque Cavad Xan street) – most of all welcomed into home of Mansur Hasanov and his beautiful family!! Had a wicked night hanging with the lads!

Totally different and a lot smaller than Baku with a population of around 820,000 (inclusive of city and municipality). The city has seen Mongols, Russians, Persians, ottomans and Georgian empires (just to name a few) come through all leaving their own distinct mark, steeped in rich history with many prominent literary (especially Nizami) and political heroes coming from here!

The Azerbaijan democratic republic first declared its independence here in 1918!

Tomorrow off to explore Goy Gol lake and a historic German city tucked away in Azerbaijan!

AZERBAIJAN- 83rd nation of my travels!

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