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Yerevan Cascade in Armenia

Already in love with YEREVAN ate ourselves in a food coma for several hours on great (the cheapest in the caucus) regional cuisine, wandered the parks and opera house, republic square.

(Armenia – 83rd nation I’ve lived, worked, studied, explored and backpacked around)

Yerevan Cascade

The hands down highlight – visited the spectacular “cascade” and Cafesjian centre for the arts, one of the finest examples of reworked city space I’ve seen, a huge staircase lined with grass and plants with hundreds of sculptures from outstanding artists the world over!

Underneath the hill are several large outstanding galleries. Among the collection are works by the brilliant Fernando Botero (hands down my favourite artist from South America, I fell in love with his work in Colombia many years ago).

To add to its incredible location you have the silhouette of Mt Ararat looming in the distance and the cityscape of Yerevan carpeting the valley below! Watched the sunset from above Yerevan then went out for even more excellent late night eats around the city.

Met countless brilliant locals throughout the day and had some fascinating conversations.

What an amazing day!

Today heading out to explore the world class History Museum of Armenia, the Armenian Genocide Memorial & Museum (highly reminiscent of Israel’s Yad Vashem in Jerusalem) and get lost in the art and culinary scene along with the backstreets of Yerevan all over again!

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