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The Rosetta Stone!

British Museum Rosetta Stone

The ROSETTA STONE! Probably the most important artefact used for translation ever found in the history of mankind!

Today I finally visited one of the best museums in the world that I’ve wanted to see since I was a little boy growing up in Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you LONDON, England(92)! Another magnificent few days in the big city. Exploring more of the city by foot and tube, a cracking comedy night, beers and cooking, chilling and catching up w the brilliant Doug McMeckan and Laurène McMeckan, as always thanks for being brilliant hosts you two magnificent humans.

Spent the day today in the world class BRITISH MUSEUM with the amazing Sophia Barclay – a museum I’ve wanted to visit since I was a little boy growing up in Melbourne due to the sheer number of amazing items that the British pinched from around the world, just to name a few they have the Rosetta Stone, the colossal bust of Ramesses the Great, Assyrian Lion Hunt reliefs, easter island statues, amazing turquoise serpent mosaics from Aztecs, ming vases, stunning ancient Japanese sculpture and artwork, artefacts from every nation that existed!

My personal highlight (aside from the Rosetta Stone itself) is the incredible section on ancient Egypt – arguably an even better collection than what I’ve seen in the Cairo museum, the collection of ornate sarcophagi and extremely important mummified people and animals on show was something else!

Ended the museum day at the Parthenon which was pinched from Athens during the war!! Then just in time for my bus headed for a last meal in London and ate delicious goat shoulder w Sophia!

To put the icing on the cake literally bumped into Nathan Lang after over a decade since we saw each other last in Melbourne!! In a city of over 10 million people that’s quite a coincidence!

Heading back to Bristol on a night bus and exploring London for the 4th time next week end!

What a trip! See you next week London!!

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