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Medieval Baths and Hot Springs in BATH

Time to explore BATH

Time to explore BATH!


BATH (U.K) – a 2000 year old Roman bathhouse and temple below us and the stunning Bath abbey in the background (founded in the 7th century). The city of Bath is well worth a visit!

We hopped on the train 15mins from Bristol and took a great free walking tour run by the local government ( around the picturesque city, steeped in history we checked out the beautiful Roman bath house (pictured below) with natural thermal hot springs first discovered by the Celts and used for pagan rituals as a shrine to the god “Sulis” then later utilised and developed by the Romans when the town fell under Roman rule and was known as “Aquae Sulis”!

Bath United Kingdom

Among other spots we checked out some amazing architecture notably the Royal Crescent, King’s circus and Queens square, some of the most beautiful architecture I’ve seen in the UK! Jane Austen also lived here for a few years!

All in all we managed to see:

  • – Medieval Baths and hot springs
  • – The 16 century Medieval Abbey
  • – The site of the coronation of the first King of all England
  • – Superb 18th Century architecture
  • – The Royal Crescent, The King’s Circus and Queen Square.
  • – The Assembly Rooms, The Guildhall and Pump Room
  • – The Bath of Jane Austen, Beau Nash, John Wood and Ralph Allen

England – 91 nations and counting!

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