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La Tomatina and Other Spanish Adventures

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What an absolutely beautiful, culturally rich, intriguing and diverse nation!

Sitting in my new apartment here in Kreuzberg (until the end of the month) writing travel articles and reminiscing over an amazing trip last month in Spain!

Cafe in Spain

From a raucous, yet hilarious German bachelor week end spent in Mallorca to catching up with the inspirational Pepe and Magda in Valencia. A city of great diversity and incredible architecture, food, people, history, amazing weather (44 degrees at my time of visiting), art and the home of Paella, drinking Orxata at the favourite haunt of Salvador Dali, visiting lakes where Paella originated from and stuffing myself with more tapas than I thought was humanly possible!

La tomatina Spain

Travelling to the town of Bunel with Ness and Samie for the absolute madness of “La Tomatina” festival when 140,000 kilograms of tomatoes were dumped upon locals and foreigners alike for the food fight of a lifetime!

Orxata Daniel tradicio Artesana spain

Finally catching up with Bruna and Jorge after 5 years for a wonderful (yet brief) time in Madrid for press access passes at the running of the bulls to see crazed Spaniards gored and trampled by bulls, protesting with the local police for fair pay followed by a hilarious breakfast with the whole force, travelling around the city on the back of a scooter in a giant hot pink helmet looking like a human chupa-chup with shorts ripped at the crutch was humorous to say the least!

Streets of Spain

Thank you so much for making my trip to Spain an incredible one! I will be back again one day without a doubt!

Loving my last fortnight in Europe for this year! Big love to you all!

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