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Gagra Abkhazia, One of the most beautiful places in the Caucasus

Another day in paradise – Gagra ABKHAZIA!


One of the most beautiful place in the Caucasus. In my top 3 for the region.

If you don’t know about Abkhazia I highly suggest reading up on this fascinating part of the Caucasus.

More abandoned buildings, lush sub tropical forest, pristine beaches with translucent waters and unexplored nature than I’ve seen anywhere in the former Soviet Union.

A stunning and surreal part of the world. So many photos for the website in coming months.

A stunning day yesterday spent swimming in ice cold Lake Ritsa, wandering around huge waterfalls, canyons and exploring various parts of the stunning nature that is inland ABKHAZIA – watched the sunset on Pitsundra beach.


Today leaving Gagra to explore Novy Afon for the day and head back towards Sukhumi for the night.

What a stunning and rarely visited part of the globe this is.

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