Farewell Georgia: Going To Miss You All


Exactly 4 months ago on the 18th of May I arrived in Georgia – little did I know I’d fall in love with the country, it’s people, history, traditions and meet so many incredible individuals during my time here!

During these past months I’ve been lucky enough to slowly and thoroughly explore the Caucasus visiting Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh, Armenia, all over Georgia, Abkhazia, Belarus and Ukraine. During the course of my travels here and living in Tbilisi I’ve met people who have changed my life forever!

4 months later (almost to the day) I’m beginning to pack my bags and getting ready to leave fly out at 5.45am on September 21st.

This certainly isn’t the last time I’ll be in this fascinating nation filled with the brilliant friends I’ve met here.

Going to miss you all! Next up back to Europe!!

If any Georgian friends are free tomorrow night I’m having a dinner at 8pm in the hours leading up to my departure, feel free to join! – I’ll miss each and every one of you.

About to board – goodbye Georgia – my sentiments towards this nation and its people summed up in a cheesy airport sign! 88 countries and counting but this one is very special!

I’ll miss you all!!!

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