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A Warm Christmas in Majorda, India

Spent Christmas Eve at the midnight mass at Majorda (a quiet village in Goa, India) at the “mother of god” church with my folks after being invited by some local Goan friends.

There were about 5,000 Goan locals in attendance we were the only Gora’s (whiteys) there! A huge church with the service held outside open air and partially under corrugated iron roof with a huge stage, people sitting under the mango trees with the Indian trains rattling by throughout the evening and fireworks going off all around us in surrounding villages.

Majorda India Christmas

The service was conducted purely in Konkani (a mix of Portuguese and ancient local dialect spoken by the Konkani locals). The choir were spectacular and the service extremely interesting!

The Christmas tree above was made by local Goa school kids from recycled bottle tops! The Christmas messages written below in Konkani!

Beach Christmas tomorrow!

Christmas dinner in India with my mum and dad!

India Christmas Dinner

Presents swapped included classic literature such as “Walter the farting dog – banned from the beach (the illustrated edition)” and an all time Christmas essential for any Australian family this year “Australian leader eats raw onion whole – headlines from the government that broke satire” a scintillating look back at undoubtedly the worst Prime Minister in Australian history.

Thank big baby Jesus he is gone forever from our lives!

Hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas with friends and family around the globe!

Brilliant spending time with family again after not seeing them for the majority of the year! So proud of these two for the people they are and all they’ve achieved!

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